Himansu Shekhar Rout

With the general elections around the corner, political circles and common people are waiting with bated breath for what Archana Nag, the alleged honey-trap, and blackmailing queen, is going to reveal on the political biggies (of both the ruling and opposition parties) and administrative officials ‘who have used her a medium to hide their wrongdoings.’  

It is believed that if Archana Nag who has so far concealed the alleged sexual or humiliating escapade of many political leaders and administrative officers, reveals anything before the elections, that could be a spoiler for the political career of those leaders. In that case, it may upset the apple cart of the ruling party and could be damaging to its dream of coming back to power for the sixth time in a row.

A couple of days ago, ED had summoned Archana and her husband Jagabandhu Chand for questioning. After coming out of the ED office Archana told the media that political leaders and administrative officers of Odisha who are involved in the case and who have used her as a medium to hide their own wrongdoings will be dragged to the court. 

In fact, the ED officials might have known the names of powerful political leaders and administrative leaders connected to Archana in what manner. 

Questions arise if the leaders, so far unrevealed, had business links with her; and how could Archana, a small-town girl, lead a luxurious life and acquire massive properties and luxury cars, which have already been seized by the ED. 
Though the case initially emerged as an alleged sextortion/high-profile sex racket, later it got an added twist of money laundering and the ED came into play. As a result, the blackmailing and honey-trapping angle was allegedly given a burial over time, many in the opposition parties believe. 

Since the case is sub-judice, Archana has so far refused to divulge what information she has shared with the ED. The ED has documents and hard disks in the connection as part of its investigation.   

On the other hand, Archana has ever claimed herself as a scapegoat of political leaders and administrative officers. Recently, she gave an indirect threat before the media that those who used her as a medium would be dragged to the court and could not escape. 

Her verbal threat might have sent a chill down the spines of those influential leaders, but unless and until their names have not been out, they are safe. 

However, it is alleged that the ruling party is more jittery over the Achana Nag case and must be wary of its political consequences while brainstorming on ticket distribution to aspirants. It is said many new faces are likely to be given chances. 

Many political analysts believe that if both Archana and ED together spill the beans in the midst of the election and come out with names of those involved, that might spell much more trouble for the ruling party than the opposition parties who are on the lookout for such a mess.