Pradeep Pattanayak

With the 2024 Lok Sabha and Odisha Legislative Assembly elections approaching fast, not just the political leaders are busy doing spade work, but astrologers are also analysing and calculating the position of stars on the poll dates. 

According to Bhrugu Jyotish, Sridhar Acharya, the first two poll dates in Odisha (May 13 and May 20) fall on Mondays. Since Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s zodiac sign is Gemini, the polling on Mondays won’t be so troublesome. 

“This being a Leo year, ‘M’ factor will work. So it will bring good fortune for BJP State President, Manmohan Samal. With the last two polling days falling on Saturdays, the last Saturday (June 1) will be favourable for the Congress,” said Acharya. 

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At the same time, astrologer and Vastu expert, Manoj Lenka said, “The last two poll days are Saturdays which will be not so good. Some disturbances may be seen. But the period after April 13 will be a good period for Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose zodiac sign is Scorpio and lagna is also Scorpio and Mars is its ruling planet. There is a possibility of the BJP and the BJD entering into an alliance between March 20 and 25. On March 20, any announcement may come in this regard.”

Similarly, numerologist Dr Saroj Maharana has also calculated the ‘moolank’ and ‘bhagyank’ of the political parties taking their birth dates into consideration to know what may be in store for them. 

“The counting of votes will be held on Tuesday, June 4. The year number is eight. Naveen Patnaik’s number is eight. And the BJD’s ‘moolank’ is also eight. If these things are considered, the day is likely to be good for the BJD,” said Dr Maharana. 

“Similarly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s number is five, year number is eight and the BJP’s ‘moolank’ is six. If all these things are taken into consideration, June 4 may also be good for PM Modi. It can be said that the BJD is likely to perform well. The BJP may also do well but will follow the BJD. The Congress’ situation may not be so good,” he added.

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