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BJD president Naveen Patnaik on Thursday reviewed the party’s electoral drubbing in the 2024 elections in Odisha. 
As per reports, a committee is being formed to look into the causes and lapses of the party’s in the simultaneous elections.  

After coming out of the review meeting, the party's organisational secretary Pranab Prakash Das even cringed to mention the name of VK Pandian, who was reportedly spotted in New Delhi after BJD’s defeat.

Das said that all works were earlier being carried out on Naveen Patnaik’s instructions and it will be the same in future.

The BJD leader also said, “Naveen Babu had reviewed the poll defeat on Wednesday and did the same on Thursday. A committee is being formed to look into the poll debacle. He told everyone about what he has done for the state in the last 25 years. He also told us how to work and fight for the party. He is there and will lead from the front.”
When asked if VK Pandian will be held responsible for the party’s defeat, Das said, "It is the internal affair of the party. The committee will look into the causes of the defeat and submit a report. No one except Naveen Babu has led the party from the front. We honour the mandate of the people. He is the only man who is leading the party.”

As for Pandian’s reported stay in Delhi, Das avoided the question, saying, "It is the prerogative of Naveen Babu at what time who will stay with him and who won't.” 

Party leader Swarup Das said, "It is the internal matter of the party. The party’s decision is our decision. I have no confirmed reports about his (Pandian) visit to Delhi. The party will decide who is thinking for the party. A committee is being formed to look into the causes of defeat and draw up a strategy for a comeback.”

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