Pradeep Pattanayak

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Dilip Mallick on Saturday took a swipe at the Congress over its statement on electoral bonds. 

While addressing a press conference, Dilip Mallick said, “Earlier leaders were collecting this as donations. Instead of going to the party, the money was going to the leaders’ pockets. It has now been formalised. The parties are receiving donations through electoral bonds. While the details of donations are being recorded in the party books, the donors are also maintaining records of how much money has been given and who are the recipients. The entire system is impeccable.”

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“The Congress is terming this as ‘Chanda and Dhanda’. The Congress has received Rs 1123 crore, which was later estimated to be something around Rs 1400 crore. Let them say first what ‘dhanda’ they have given and to whom to receive the donation,” said Mallick. 

Responding to Mallick’s statement, Congress leader Babita Sharma said, “They are so much afraid of Rahul Gandhi that they have even got our account frozen. They are collecting ‘chanda’ to keep their ‘dhanda’ going on and freezing our accounts. People should understand how much they fear us.”