Kolkata: The now controversial marriage of Trinamool Congress MP and city-based businessman Nikhil Jain has taken a political hue as the BJP has jumped into the squabble alleging that the film actress has cheated people by showing off her wedding as a happy inter-religious marriage.

The issue sparked debate after BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya posted a video on Twitter showing the oath-taking ceremony of Jahan where is seen married with a dollop of sindoor on her forehead and wrote: "TMC MP Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain's personal life, who she is married to or who she is living in with, should not be anyone's concern. But she is an elected representative and is on record in the Parliament that she is married to Nikhil Jain. Did she lie on the floor of the House?"

State BJP President Dilip Ghosh was quick to respond. "She has asked for a vote showing that she was married. She had created the impression of a married Bengali woman and won the election. She has cheated the people," Ghosh said.

Jahan had won the election from Barasat assembly constituency on a Trinamool Congress ticket. She defeated BJP's Sayantan Basu by a margin of more than 3.5 lakh votes.

Trinamool Congress defended the issue terming it as 'personal'. Speaking to the media, Trinamool general secretary Kunal Ghosh said: "Nusrat Jahan is well established and she is a professional. Some issues regarding her personal life have come to the fore but that has nothing to do with the party and the organisation. The party is keeping a close watch on the development. BJP should not do politics on this else they would be in trouble".

Though TMC is trying to put up a brave face, it is undoubtedly true that the issue has created uneasiness in the party. Senior Trinamool leaders are of the opinion that though these kinds of things are not at all wanted but it is not that might lead to the cancellation of the membership of the Parliament. "She should have sorted the problem amicably," a senior Trinamool leader said.

Meanwhile, after Jahan's claims that she was not at all married to Nikhil Jain and was in a live-in relationship, Nikhil came out with an open statement that though he had insisted several times but Jahan refused to go for the registry.

"Since August 2020 during the shooting of a film, my wife's behaviour started changing towards me, for reasons best known to her. During our stay together I requested her on a number of occasions to get the marriage registered but she avoided my requests," he wrote.

"After marriage, to get her released from the heavy interest burden of a home loan, I transferred money from my family accounts to her account, on understanding that she would return the same shortly by instalments and as and when the funds are available.

"Any money transfer made by her from her account to my family account was repayments of the loan which I gave in good faith. Considerable amount is to be paid. The allegations made by her are all baseless and derogatory and truthful.

"One need not find or create a proof, the proof is always there, my bank debit and credit card statements are proof enough. My family has only given with both arms to her in the capacity of a daughter, not knowing we would see this day," he added.

"We lived together as husband and wife and introduced ourselves as a married couple in the society. I devoted all my time and resources to be a faithful and responsible husband. Friends, family and people close to us know everything that I did for her. My unconditional support for her is unchallenged. However, within a very short period she changed her attitude towards married life with me," he said.