Suryakant Jena

Escalating his sniper attacks on BJD over the Mamita murder case, the lawmaker from Khandapada, Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, had hit where it hurts.

The scribe-cum-politician has whiffed the prevalence of 'double standards' in CM Naveen Patnaik's political approach. Writing his editorial column 'Ama Ghara Halchal' in his vernacular daily, the Sambad, Soumya terms Dibya Shankar's clarification after nearly three weeks of the ghastly murder as the one that seeds more confusion.

"Even as the minister spelt that the Opposition and certain media houses ran a malicious smear campaign against him as they have an axe to grind, what he seems to have forgotten is an independent inquiry in the murder case will not be possible unless he put down his papers, writes Patnaik.

Lofting the 'double standard' trait in BJD, Patnaik in his column took a rewind to the year 2016 when in the infamous SUM Hospital inferno, CM Naveen Patnaik dropped the then Health Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak.

Patnaik writes, "The then Health Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak had put down his papers on moral ground and high standards of public propriety. He resigned to preserve the image of the party and the government, though he had no role whatsoever in the mishap."

Taking a swipe at Home Minister's "helplessness', Soumya writes, "While a common man takes refuge in God whenever he feels helpless, one is perplexed to find out what had made a Minister helplessness.".

Taking the bull by horns, Soumya Patnaik had dropped a veiled warning to the government over the loss of mass appeal in the case if no action is forthcoming as he likened it to the sensational Anjana Mishra rape in the year 1999 when JB Patnaik was the CM of Odisha. Soumya Patnaik is a son-in-law of veteran politician JB Patnaik.

"Everyone knows what happened during the Congress' JB Patnaik's rule two decades ago when the government then dithered over taking action against the then Advocate General Indrajit Ray following allegations over his links in the infamous Anjana Mishra rape case," writes Patnaik.

He further writes, " Media apart from following the ethics of journalism should also strive to ensure transparent governance." "Rightful media can never be enemies of powers that be, rather they should be considered as friends. Showing tolerance to right media will not tarnish the image of the party, but erase the negative vibes that will heap disgrace," counsels Soumya in his column.

Political Repartees Over Soumya's Column On Soumya's persistent swipes over 'all is not well' in BJD's home affairs, Odisha Congress chief Niranjan Patnaik, who is the elder brother of Soumya Patnaik, refused to react. But didn't forget to drop a one-liner, " I called it quits after the court wrote a single line against me in 1985."

Similarly, Congress lawmaker Tara Bahinipati while welcoming the critical takes by Soumya Patnaik, took a jibe by saying that the BJD will not be going to give tickets to Soumya babu in the next election.

"Undoubtedly, he had flabbergasted the ruling BJD with the hard truths. It remains to be seen when will he come under the radar of Vigilance," Bahinipati made a tongue-in-cheek remark.