Suryakant Jena

In a massive setback to the BJP ahead of the upcoming three-tier Panchayat Elections in the State, as many as 15 Zilla Parishad members of the party's Mayurbhanj unit resigned from their post as well the primary membership of the party on Friday.

Numerous speculations are said to be doing rounds on the possible reasons behind the mass exit of the party leaders.

As per sources, a ruckus erupted during the 11th meeting of the Zilla Parishad today when the president of the Council stopped a crucial meeting midway while discussions were underway on various departments.

Later in the evening, a number of BJP members congregated at a hotel and announced their resignation from the post and also the primary membership of the party during a press briefing.

The outgoing members openly expressed their resentment against the Zilla Parishad president and accused her of working as per her own whims and fancies.

Speaking on the development, a resigning member claimed that they have always been neglected by BJP. We are extremely sad to say we are parting ways with the party, she said.

However, Mayurbhanj Zilla Parishad president Sujata Murmu has clarified that the members have been suspended over indiscipline and anti-party activities in 2019.

"The members were involved in anti-party activities during the 2019 General Elections and had never been true to BJP. They were infact never truly been in the party since then. Lured by the ruling-BJD with offers anything between Rs 5 to 10 lakh, the members had not even shown reluctance from campaigning against own party," said Murmu

Mayurbhanj District BJP unit president Kandara Soren said that the mass resignation of the members will have no impact on the party in any way. "Infact, it bodes well for BJP because they were a nuisance for the party and had never been with the people at the grassroots and neither with the leaders at the top, said Soren.