Are We What We Wear?

The way we dress helps us to express who we are and project an image to world; but it leads us to that eternal question - Do clothes make the man or woman?

Do clothes make the man or woman?

The first earth-shaking news on my mobile newsfeed Friday morning was Samantha’s bold transparent shirt. Samantha’s 23.1 million Instagram followers were setting cyberspace afire with passionate commentaries. And horror of horrors, I had no clue who she was! Humbled by my ignorance, I scrolled further and learnt that Samantha is a South Indian film star. According to the news item, "Samantha has always attracted the attention of people not only with her acting, but also with her stylish looks. Fans are desperate to know everything related to her…"

Inspired by such glorious trendsetters, ordinary people like us spend much time, energy and money on choosing the 'perfect' clothes for special functions and even for daily activities. We too aspire to grab attention. Even if we can’t be famous for our merits and achievements, at least we can gain the admiration of neighbours by wearing fancy clothes. No wonder clothes and fashion have such importance for many of us. Don’t we all know ladies, and men too, who have cupboards stuffed with clothes but 'nothing' to wear to the party tonight?