Ashish Kumar Manthan

A couple of days after the Nayagarh police rescued the missing minor boy Amrit, SP Alekh Chandra Pahi today informed that the kidnapping was done to demand ransom from the minor’s father.

Pahi revealed that the kidnappers were from the same village. "Three villagers of Kurala had kidnapped the minor and all of them have now confessed to the crime."

The modus operandi of the kidnappers was to get ransom from the minor’s father. The prime accused in the case Swapna Panda had a loan of Rs 9 lakh as he had bought a pick-up van. Besides, Swapna had three other loans from various finance companies. Unable to pay EMIs, Swapna decided to commit the crime, said the SP.

Swapna was transporting goods of Kalia Patra in his pickup van and somehow he came to know that the latter had a savings of Rs 50 to 60 lakh, and then he decided to kidnap Amrit for ransom. He later included the other two persons in his team.

On the other hand, Amrit stated that the kidnappers gagged him and dragged him into a car from where they took him to a garage and kept him hostage. 

He further claimed that the kidnappers kept him at the spot for about two and a half hours before taking him to Kurala Pandita Sahi. He said that the abductors never beat him; rather, they gave him food to eat.

“The kidnappers never beat me. They gave me biscuits and pakoras to eat. But they had threatened me to cut my throat if I ever scream,” Amrit said. 

On how he managed to escape the captivity, the boy said, “When only one person was guarding me and the others were not there, I unfolded myself and ran away from the spot.”