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Despite several steps taken by the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) Odisha to conduct the ongoing Matric Examination 2024 in a smooth manner, irregularities and the resultant controversies never seem to leave the exam.

In a fresh controversy following the English paper leak allegations on Saturday, the question paper of Mathematics examination also allegedly went viral on social media even before the students entered the exam hall on Monday.

More importantly, some students who came out of the exam hall following the Maths exam claimed that the viral ones are exactly the same questions that they answered in the exam hall.

“I received Set C of the question paper. The question paper that we wrote in the exam hall are exactly the same as the ones going viral,” said a girl student of class 10 in Cuttack.

“The questions have gone viral in other parts of the State, not in Cuttack. So I request the authorities to not punish all of us by conducting the Maths exam again. They should punish only the people or students responsible for this. Even the English paper was made viral on Saturday. But it was circulated in only Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj districts,” she said.

Another girl who answered Set D of the Maths examination today said, “The question papers doing rounds on social media are exactly the same that I wrote in the exams. This is done by some unscrupulous persons. I request the government to take action against those. I would also like to request the Board to not conduct the exam again.”

It is alleged that question papers of Set C and D of the Maths exam were made viral on Monday.

BSE Odisha Clarification on Alleged Maths Question Paper Leak & Targetting Media

However, later in the day, the BSE clarified on the allegations saying there was no leak of any question paper.

Speaking to reporters, BSE president Srikant Tarai said, “We have conducted the examination in a fair manner. It was OTV which is trying to defame the government by planting students who confirmed the viral question papers. I urge the media to not mislead and scare the students.”

Similarly, another Board official said, “The issue should have been raised when the question set was said to have gone viral. Now the examination is already over. We have not received any complaint in this regard so far. So there is no question of any leak.”

OTV’s clarification on Board’s allegation

The allegations against OTV by board president Srikant Tarai are completely baseless and misleading. OTV does not broadcast any news targeting anybody. It is the duty of media to report the events in an impartial manner and present the reactions of various parties associated with the news to the audience. Which is what we have been for years as per OTV's charter.

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Neither has any OTV reporter deliberately circulated the news of the matriculation question paper going viral, nor have the students been forced to say anything by prompting them in the live broadcast. In such a situation, the response of the BSE president is unfortunate.

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