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President Droupadi Murmu’s childhood friend Chinmayee was ecstatic on Thursday as the First Citizen of India arrived in her home district Mayurbhanj on a three-day visit.

“I am so happy that the President has set foot on her home soil after 10 months. When she was elected as the President of India, I was so happy. I contacted her immediately and congratulated her. I had a wish to be present during her oath-taking ceremony. But unfortunately, I couldn’t go there. However, I along with my family members got an opportunity to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan in last August. It was really a proud moment for us. I am so proud that one of my friends has reached such a towering position,” said Chinmayee.

As per Chinmayee, the President’s villagers must be on cloud nine for her visit there.

“I and some of her old friends also tried to meet the President during the visit to her village. However, it was not possible due to some reasons,” said Chinmayee.

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Shedding light on Murmu’s humility, her childhood friend said, “She is always humble and rooted to the soil. She has not changed a bit since her childhood. We were instructed to follow all the protocols during our visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Though we were following all the rules strictly, she didn’t mind coming closer to us and chatting freely while group photographs were taken. We were given only 15 minutes of time. However, she wanted to spend more time with us and recollect her unforgettable childhood memories. It was really a great moment for us.”

When Murmu was the Governor of Jharkhand, Chinmayee also stayed with her for some days. At that time Murmu was taking special care of her.

“When she was the Governor of Jharkhand, we had stayed for some days at her residence. She had instructed her sister-in-law to take special care of us. Though she was very busy at that time, she used to ask us in the morning about our food on the day. Once, we were stunned to be served water rice and other popular items of our area,” said Chimayee adding that the incident reflects her love and care for friends.

“Due to her love, affection, kind nature, and blessings from God and elders, she has reached the highest constitutional position in the country,” she added.

Talking about Murmu’s hardship in the past, Chimayee said, “She always inspires us to forget about hard days of the past and discuss our current work for the society and the country. Due to this kind of nature, she could become the President of India.”

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