Vikash Sharma

Quoting Lord Acton’s quip, ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ newly-joined Congress leader Bijay Patnaik on Monday launched a scathing attack on the BJD-led Odisha government.

Speaking to reporters after his return from New Delhi, Patnaik said that corruption and misgovernance now prevail in Odisha. Be it for a house, card or pension, a common man has to pay bribe to get his/her work done.

5-T A Mere Slogan

"5T is just a slogan. Everybody knows how much transparency is prevalent in Odisha and it is clearly evident from the fact that journalists are not allowed inside Secretariat," alleged Patnaik. According to Patnaik, if each department functions efficiently there is absolutely no need for a separate department like the 5T.

“There are efficient secretaries in departments, chief secretary, and development commissioner and earlier work were assigned to them. But now, no scope to work is given and it needs to be questioned,” Patnaik added.

Close door System Needs Change In Odisha

According to Patnaik, it is really suffocating and hard to watch like a mute spectator the way administration is working in Odisha. The common man in the state does not know whom to approach to get their grievances redressed. Be it a MLA or Ministers, they claim that they do not have powers and everything is being controlled by the ‘third floor.’

"Even a lot of restrictions have been clamped on journalists on their entry at various places including Secretariat. Such closed-door system or misgovernance in Odisha needs to change," said Patnaik.

Odias Harassed In Odisha

In Odisha, Odias are being humiliated and tortured, alleged Congress leader Bijay Patnaik. The contractors from the state are not getting work. The notifications are being issued in such a way that local contractors cannot participate in tenders. "Though Odisha government claims to have received crores of investment proposals, how many people from the state are getting employed?

Everything, every work including contracts and transporters is being engaged from outside the state. There is a conspiracy against Odisha and Odias," said Patnaik.

“Be it poor or educated youths, they are now migrating out of Odisha in search of work. A lot of work needs to be done to bring a complete makeover of the scenario,” said Patnaik.

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(Reported by Jagdish Dash)