Mohan Majhi 3rd tribal Chief Minister of Odisha

Mohan Charan Majhi, a BJP leader, has been appointed as the third tribal Chief Minister of Odisha, following predecessors Giridhar Gamang and Hemananda Biswal from the Congress party. Majhi's appointment comes after BJP's significant victory over BJD, which held power for 24 years.

Odisha got a tribal chief minister after over 24 years.

BJP leader Mohan Charan Majhi became the third tribal chief minister of Odisha after Giridhar Gamang and Hemananda Biswal of the Congress.Biswal, the first tribal to be at the helm of Odisha, was the chief minister twice.

The Congress leader was at the top post first for the period between December 7, 1989, to March 5, 1990. He became the CM again on December 6, 1999, while this stint ended on March 5, 2000.