Ramakanta Biswas

The Special Task Force (STF) of Odisha Crime Branch has arrested another accused in connection with cheating and impersonation by conman Kanhu Charan Pradhan. 

The accused has been identified as Laxman Madhi, a native of Ambaguda under Kalimela police limits in Malkangiri district. 

Earlier, STF had arrested the mastermind Kanhu Charan Pradhan and Kishore Mishra in connection with the case. 

Madhi is said to be the close associate of mastermind Kanhu Charan Pradhan. Huge transactions worth Rs 60 lakh were made in the bank account of Laxman Madhi.

Additionally, there was evidence of his frequent conversations with mastermind Kanhu Charan Pradhan, the STF said. 

As per the STF, this case was initially registered at Koraput Town Police Station on 25.04.2023. Later, the investigation was taken over by STF.

Several cases were registered against mastermind Kandhu Charan Pradhan in the past. Many people had saved his number as secretary/ Addl secretary etc. Earlier, expensive mobile phones, forged/fake Govt notifications/ orders and other incriminating documents were seized from him. 

"This group used to cheat/ extort people claiming to be RTI activists and also fooling people that they have close proximity with senior officers and can get them crusher license, liquor license, transfer/posting etc. This group is indulging in Thuggery/ Cheating/ impersonation at various places in Odisha. It was also noticed that this group uses some mule bank accounts including some accounts of dead persons," the STF said. 

"They trick people by saving their numbers as some senior officers and when people verify it on ‘True-caller” they start trusting them as genuine. In this way, they have cheated the people. So far, the investigation has revealed that there were more than Rs 40 crore transactions made in the accounts of Kanhu Pradhan and his associates. Further investigation is on," the STF added.