Rashmi Ranjan

It is the kind of lost-and-found story that Bollywood revels in. But this one is a real, not reel. The story goes well with the saying, "Facts are stranger than fiction'. 

In a teary reunion, a man reunited with his father, who was undergoing treatment at Puri District Headquarters Hospital, after 42 years.

Mahanta Dharanidhar, previously known as Dhaneswar Das from Mukundpur in Jajpur, had left his home 42 years ago and chose to lead an ascetic life at Radha Mohan mutt of Bhakta Dashia shrine located at Pipili.

His son Babaji Das was only eight years old then.

In the dusk of his life, Dharanidhar was not keeping well and was admitted to the hospital due old-age related ailments. While undergoing treatment, he wanted to meet his son, sources said.

Getting information about his father, Babaji along with a friend of Dharanidhar rushed to the hospital. Emotions ran high as the father-son duo reunited after 42 years.

“I have not seen my father for ages. After getting information from an official of Jenapur Police Station, I reached the hospital. My uncle identified him at the hospital. Even my father also confirmed his identity. I am overjoyed,” said Babaji.

Babaji shifted Dharanidhar to the mutt after the latter's health condition improved.

(Reported by Madhusudan Mishra, OTV)