Rashmi Ranjan

Adrija Manjari Singh, wife of Arkesh Narayan Singh Deo of Bolangir royal family has brought serious allegations of domestic violence, dowry torture against her husband and in-laws.

According to sources, Adrija had lodged a complaint in this regard at Dehradun police station. 

As police did not take any necessary action, Adrija recently met Uttrakhand Director General of Police (DGP) and demanded justice, sources informed, adding that, the DGP has handed over the case to Dehradun Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

According to several media reports published by local media houses in Dehradun, Adrija, in her complaint, had alleged that, her husband, son of Ananga Udaya Singh Deo, had once tried to eliminate her by engaging supari killer. 

“I have registered a complaint in this regard. I called up the police several times, but in vain. I don’t understand why the Uttarakhand police is not helping me. I have met the DGP seeking justice for me,” Adrija said.

“I have never demanded a party ticket seeking an entry into politics. You can even ask Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in this regard. I just served the people of Bolangir. There are many women who are subjected to domestic violence daily. But many cases don’t come to the fore. I want to be an example for those women,” she added. 

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Meanwhile, Adrija Singh has sought protection citing threat to her life.

Adrija, who is the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh, is presently living in Uttarakhand with her family members.

Reacting to the allegations levelled by wife Adrija, Arkesh Singh Deo said, "She (Adrija) had lodged the complaint against me some six-eight months back. Since the filing of the complaint, I am not living in that house. Adrija’s sister is living in that house since the last two years and her father too lives in the house at least for 15-20 days a month. As per the police recommendation, I have tried several times to install CCTV cameras in that house. But, every time I install CCTV, she cut the wires off.” 

“Three-four days ago, her father came and put forth demands which are beyond our capability," Arkesh added.

On the other hand, Kalikesh Singh Deo, brother of Arkesh, refused to comment on the matter.

"I heard that a complaint was filed against me. I do not want to say anything in this regard," Kalikesh said.