Vikash Sharma

Allegations of physical and mental torture have been levelled against a BJD MLA and his family members in Odisha. This time BJD MLA Shashi Bhusan Behera and his family have been accused of physically and mentally torturing daughter-in-law Ronali.

Ronali has lodged a formal complaint against Behera and his family members at Banki police station March 3, 2023. Ronali had married Behera’s son Satyaprakash on March 3, 2021. She has accused her husband of having an illicit affair with another married woman.

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Ronali has accused her husband and in-laws of torturing her for dowry. “Everybody at my in-laws' place used to torture me in the presence of my father-in-law. The torture started barely 10 days after my marriage. My in-laws had asked me to bring old gold ornaments,” alleged Ronali.

Ronali alleged that her husband used to talk with someone till late at night. "Later, I came to know that he was talking with a woman," she alleged.

Ronali further alleged that her in-laws used to torture her for dowry and forced her to bring Rs 40 lakh from her parents.

Meanwhile, Shashi Bhusan Behera refuted the allegations brought by his daughter-in-law.

"There could be some differences between my son and daughter-in-law. She went to her paternal home with her father after staying in our home for one month and 11 days. The allegations of dowry demand are baseless," Behera said.

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