Rashmi Rekha Das

An art exhibition based on tribal lifestyle and culture at Cuttack Town Hall has witnessed a remarkable footfall of visitors.
No doubt, it was a delight for art lovers of Cuttack to visit such an exhibition that displays paintings related to tribal lifestyle and culture.

Meet Namita Sahu whose exhibition on tribal and folk art has become a hit among art lovers.

Apart from tribal paintings, Namita has successfully turned recyclables into creative pieces of art and thereby contributing to the green movement taking place in different spheres of life. 

With urban waste posing a serious environmental challenge around the globe, artists like Namita, is busy giving waste materials a new lease of life. She makes beautiful artworks out of broken crockery, electric fittings, tubes, bottles, plastics and pots. The idea is to upscale waste items to make them useful once again.

Namita who is planning to take part in national-level solo exhibition, said, “Tribal people are still leading a life of penury. My paintings are based on their lifestyle because I want people to know them from close quarters. Tribal culture and art are fading away now-a-days due to lack of exposure. My art exhibition aims at popularizing their culture for the betterment of their life.”

Importantly, Namita is a self-taught artist who came up with over 200 paintings and crafts at the exhibition. Besides, terracotta ornaments made by her have been praised by visitors as well.

A visitor said, “I had seen her paintings last year. It was indeed a great show. So when I came to know that her artworks are on display I did not give it a miss. I want to buy all her artwork and craft displayed here for decorating my house.”

Another visitor said, “Tettacotta jewellery made by her is suitable for college going girls like me. Girls of this generation don’t like traditional gold ornaments. They are in search of new things. Jewellery displayed here are really innovative and attractive which youngsters like me can always carry with them.”