Vikash Sharma

The series of burglaries in several apartments during the festive season in Bhubaneswar emerged as a major concern for the residents and still poses a challenge for the Commissionerate Police.

With New Year and marriage season round the corner, the Commissionerate Police has now decided to strengthen security measures and launch special drives. This time focus will be on surveillance on hotels and inter-state criminals. The increased surveillance is crucial as several criminals from Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Bihar were found to be involved in various criminal activities in Bhubaneswar and several of them were also caught in the past.

Patrolling and checking drives will also be intensified across Bhubaneswar. Apart from this, awareness will be created among people about the methods used by criminals to commit crimes and how they can strengthen security in apartments and other residential areas.

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“Recently, the forensics department has added live finger print scanner. It can help officers to ascertain whether any person with suspicious movement is caught during checking drive has some criminal antecedents or not. Similarly, training is also being given to officers on the new advanced analysis method has been integrated and a detailed discussion was also held on providing better policing services,”said Bhubaneswar DCP, Prateek Singh.

As New Year, marriage season is round the corner, special focus is being given to augment security anticipating what crimes can occur taking into account previous serious offences, he said.

“The main objective of such discussion with all police officers is to make Bhubaneswar more safe place for women and others. The Commissionerate Police is regularly conducting awareness drives in some localities or the other including apartments about new crimes and what they can do to upgrade security mechanisms and take necessary precautions,” said Singh.

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