Bureaucratic Bliss: IAS Officer Amrit Ruturaj and OAS Officer Amruta Priyambada Mishra tie the knot

Dressed in resplendent bridal attire, Amrit and Amruta radiated joy as they stepped into a new chapter of their lives.

OAS Officer Amruta Priyambada and IAS Officer Amrit Ruturaj

In the hallowed corridors of bureaucracy, where duty and discipline reign supreme, a unique love story blossomed, weaving its way through the challenges of public service. This tale unfolds the enchanting union of IAS officer Amrit Ruturaj and OAS officer Amruta Priyambada Mishra, transcending professional boundaries to embrace a profound personal connection. 

The duo embarked on their marital journey in a lavish ceremony at a Cuttack hotel, following traditional Odia customs.