Vikash Sharma

BJD MLA Shashi Bhusan Behera on Wednesday reiterated that the allegations of dowry harassment levelled by his daughter-in-law Ronali are baseless.

While talking to reporters, the senior BJD leader said that he and his family are completely shocked and hurt by such allegations levelled by his daughter-in-law.

“I am completely shocked and hurt over such allegations. Both my son and daughter-in-law are adults and it depends on them whether they want to stay in a compatible situation or not,” said Behera.

Behera further said that his daughter-in-law had stayed with his family for nearly one month and 11 days only.

“It was Ronali’s father and brother who had taken her to their place. Such allegations levelled after two years have certainly shocked us. As per tradition, we had asked her family not to provide any articles except a single bedsheet during the marriage. All the allegations of dowry are baseless,” said Behera.

Behera further said that already a mediation process was underway and such statements have hurt his family.

On Tuesday, Behera’s daughter-in-law Ronali accused her husband of having an illicit affair with another married woman.

“Everybody at my in-laws' place used to torture me in the presence of my father-in-law. The torture started barely 10 days after my marriage. My in-laws had asked me to bring old gold ornaments,” alleged Ronali yesterday.

On the other hand, Ronali’s father Gokha Behera said, “I had married off my daughter hoping that she would be happy there. But her in-laws first asked her to bring old gold ornaments after 11 days of marriage. When my daughter refused, they started abusing and torturing her.”

Gokha said that under the present conditions, it is impossible to leave his daughter in her in-laws' place as there could be a threat to her life. "Only after getting assurance, we can think about it," he added.

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