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A Bhubaneswar-bound packed Air India Express flight made an emergency landing in Kolkata due to bad weather conditions on Thursday night. The flight, which was supposed to land in Bhubaneswar, was diverted to Kolkata airport because of the bad weather conditions.

Shockingly, all the passengers were left stranded and were allegedly asked to fly back to their respective locations on their own. With children and elderly parents, the fliers were left helpless after the flight management asked them to fly back to Bhubaneswar at their own expense.

With no help from the Air India Express aircraft, several passengers were left helpless throughout the night, leading to tension inside the Kolkata airport.
According to sources, the Delhi-Bhubaneswar Air India Express flight had taken off from Delhi airport last evening. The take-off was smooth but the flight could not land in Bhubaneswar due to bad weather conditions. 

Later, the pilot announced the ‘bad weather conditions’ and said that he was landing the flight in Kolkata. The flight then landed at Kolkata airport with no help from the management for the passengers. Dozens of fliers had to spend the whole night inside Kolkata airport, expressing outrage. 

Following the outrage by the passengers, the management later arranged a flight for the passengers and flew them back to Bhubaneswar, it was learnt.

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No comments could be obtained from the Airline company in this regard.

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