Cassian Baliarsingh

Jagabandhu Chand, husband of Archana Nag, the lady blackmailer and alleged mastermind of the high-profile sextortion racket, on Wednesday, broke his silence and brought shocking allegations against producer Akshay Parija.

On his way to Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar, Jagabandhu spoke to the media and accused producer Akshay Parija of being the mastermind and making them scapegoats.

“Akshay Parija is the main mastermind. He made us scapegoats by luring us with money. There are also a lot of people involved with him in this high-profile case,” revealed Jagabandhu while being taken to Capital Hospital for medical examination.

He also demanded that his wife Archana be released soon. Earlier on April 11, Archana Nag granted conditional bail by Orissa High Court.

“They have kept her in hiding for long. She should be released immediately. We are waiting for the right time and will reveal everything,” he added.

Earlier, Archana herself had called out the so-called victims and revealed that a CBI probe would unearth all the truth behind the case.

Worth mentioning, Jagabandhu Chand has been granted conditional bail by Orissa High Court in one case. However, he is facing two more cases – allegedly extorting money from influential people by blackmailing them with objectionable videos and an ED case.

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