Uttar Pradesh Leads with 75 GI Tags, Adds Six New Products Including Kashi's Tirangi Barfi

Uttar Pradesh has added six more products to its list of Geographical Indication (GI) tagged items, reaching a total of 75, the highest in India. The new additions include Tirangi Barfi from Kashi and crafts like Banaras Metal Casting and Bareilly Zardozi. This expansion was supported by NABARD Uttar Pradesh, emphasizing UP's leading role in GI certifications.

Uttar Pradesh now has the most GI-tagged items

Six more products from Uttar Pradesh have been given the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

These include the famous ‘Tirangi Barfi’ of Kashi, a tricoloured sweet that was sold to prove a point by freedom fighters during the Quit India Movement.