Rashmi Rekha Das

Gone are the days when we used to glue to television sets to watch our favourite TV shows. Yes, there was a time when we used to wait desperately to watch the soaps and films on television. However, things have changed with changing times. Now we rely upon YouTube even if we miss some of our favourite TV shows. We cannot deny that YouTube has become a legitimate source of entertainment for millions, all in just a decade. 

Without exaggeration, it can be said that we live in a time of online predominance where people love watching things on YouTube only.

Having said that, you will be taken aback to know that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

YouTube is not just meant for entertainment. It has become a major income source for youths. That’s why 30 percent population of a village in India has turned into YouTubers. 

You have heard it right.  Tulsi Village in Chhattisgarh has literally become a hub for YouTubers, with a large number of youths creating content for the online video-sharing platform.

Tulsi Village in Raipur shelters 3,000 people out of which 1,000 are YouTubers and are earning money.

How it all started

It was two friends Gyanendra Shukla and Jai Verma who took the initiative of making YouTube videos in the village. Later, they quit their jobs to follow their passion and become full-time YouTubers. Gyanendra Shukla used to work as a network engineer at SBI where he watched YouTube videos. It was then he decided to create his own content. Till date, he has more than 250 videos to his credit on his channel and 1.15 lakh subscribers. 

Jai Verma used to be a part-time teacher at a private coaching centre after doing M.Sc in Chemistry. He was earning around Rs 12,000-15,000 per month then. After coming up with his own YouTube channel, his monthly income has increased to around Rs 30,000-35,000. Seeing the success story of Shukla and Verma, other youths of the villages followed the same and started making videos. 

And the show goes on

YouTuber Pinky Sahu who got a new identity after launching her YouTube channel thanked Verma and Shukla for empowering village women. "It has been 1.5 yrs since I started. We've around 40 YouTube channels. Everyone here participates. Women here are generally not allowed to step out of houses but through our YouTube channel, we have given them a lot of info that girls too can do something," Pinki was quoted saying to ANI.

Sandeep Sahu, another YouTuber, is of the opinion that in our village, people are art lovers. They love watching Ramlila and drama. From youngsters to elderly persons, everyone is damn good at acting but never got the right platform to explore their acting skills.  Thanks to the YouTubers, they are now showcasing their acting skills to the entire world.