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Odishatv Bureau

We often refer to the one we love the most as Jigar Ka Tukda, but a youth from Kolkata proved it in true sense by donating his Jigar Ka Tukda (parts of liver) to his beloved father in order to save his life.

Manya Hasija donated 65 per cent of his liver to his father Deepak Hasija who suffered liver failure. 

Deepak who never smoked or drunk in his lifetime suddenly fell sick during the second wave of Covid-19. The doctor said his liver had failed and he needed a liver transplantation.

The doctors said if donor could not be found at the earliest, Deepak would hardly survive six months.

Manya, who loves his father the most, was under isolation due to Covid infection at the time of diagnosis of his father. When he recovered, his father contracted the virus.

Whenever, Manya visited the hospital, his father told him that he did not want to die and wished to see him become a graduate. 

Finally, Manya decided to donate his liver to his father to save his life. 

Ultimately, on the occasion of Father’s Day on June 21, Manya gave the best gift to his father, when he donated 65 per cent of his liver. 

“Doctors said that my father can survive for only six months more, but my father did not want to trouble me. He was fearing the transplantation might endanger my life, however, I convinced him and allayed his fears, said Manya.

“I am very happy that I saved the life of my father. I feel very proud for this,” he added. 

Describing his son as the modern day incarnation of the legendary figure associated with the famed Epic the Ramayana, Shravana Kumar, who was famous for his devotion and obedience to his blind parents, Manya’s father said, “We seldom get to see such son now-a-days.”

“More than 3 and a half month has passed since the operation. I feel much better now and am able to move freely. However, I have to take some precautions as advised by doctors.”

The critical liver transplant operation, which was performed on June 21 in Delhi, lasted for 17 hours.

 The father-son duo unitedly fought the most critical phases in their lives and are now doing well.

The poignant tale has an Odisha connection as Deepak had initially come to Odisha for treatment. After consultation with doctor Ashutosh Mohaptra, he proceeded to Delhi for the surgery. 

Deepak’s friend and noted businessman from Odisha, Debajyoti Patnaik had also extended support to him in this battle for life.

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