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Vikash Sharma

Ahead of the phased reopening of schools for Standard 8 and 11 students, School and Education Minister Samir Ranjan Dash on Saturday said that his department will ensure complaisance of Covid precautions at the schools by working in close coordination with the Health department since the virus is still around. He said symptomatic students will be identified and, with help from the Health authorities, they will be provided immediate care and treatment.

“There is excitement among students as they will be attending classes after a long gap. Apart from education, health of students is also our concern. We have decided to assess and test students who develop symptoms and provide them the necessary treatment,” Dash said.

The Minister said that the District Education Officers (DEOs) will be instructed to ensure that all teachers are vaccinated and only the fully vaccinated ones be allowed to attend schools.

The Odisha government has announced to resume physical classes for Standard 11 and 8 from October 21 and 25, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Director Medical Education and Training (DMET) CBK Mohanty said already several models and agencies have predicted that children will be affected more in the Covid-19 third wave as they are yet to be vaccinated.

“It has been observed that a majority of the Covid-19 positives are adults. If all the parents, teachers and other staff in schools are vaccinated, the students will be less exposed to the virus. We are motivating all to get vaccinated on time,” said Mohanty.

Mohanty further said the school authorities need to strictly enforce social distancing and other Covid protocols in their respective schools when the classroom teachings resume.

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