Rashmi Rekha Das

In a heinous incident, four middlemen allegedly chopped off the palm and leg of a migrant labourer from Kalaba village of Gajapati district after he demanded wage.

According to sources, four youths of Kalaba village under Adaba police limits lured Sanka Mumru, a resident of the same locality with a job offer and took him to Uttar Pradesh. He made him work in a cement company. 

After working for a week, when Mumru demanded wages from the middlemen, they allegedly beat him and made him drink alcohol.

When Mumru lost consciousness under the influence of alcohol, the four middlemen chopped off Sanka’s right hand palm and his left leg. They admitted him to a hospital where he underwent treatment for two days. Recently, the middlemen left him at his home.

Before leaving, the four threatened Murmu with dire consequences if he files a police complaint.

Sanka said, “They assaulted me when I asked for money after working for seven days at a cement company. They cut my palm and leg. They warned me to ruin my family for which I could not file police complaint.”

District Labour Officer Loknath Panda said, “Let Sanka recover fast. Then, we will do the needful.”