Pradeep Pattanayak

A petrol pump located at Kaimati under Sadar police limits in Dhenkanal district was found to be allegedly selling adulterated fuel on Sunday night, triggering tension among customers and local people. 

 The irked people alleged that after filling fuel at the pump they have been experiencing problems with their vehicles. 

Some alleged their vehicles are emitting black smoke.

“We two friends had filled petrol in our bikes at Kaimati petrol pump. I parked my bike there and rode pillion on friend’s bike to go to a place. Hardly did we travel a few yards when we noticed the bike was emitting thick black smoke. Adding to our woes, the bike came to a halt and did not start, despite our best efforts. The fuel station is cheating people openly. We demand action against them,” said Abhay Kumar Mohanty, a victimized customer. 

A good number of bike owners could be seen pushing their bikes to a nearby garage. 

Later, bowing to the angry customers’ pressure, the pump owner had to refund the money. 

“The people are complaining that they are not getting usual pickup and their vehicles emitting black smoke. We are yet to find out why such problems are occurring,” said pump owner Madan Mohan Parida.