Ramakanta Biswas

The Odisha government has decided to set up 34 child-friendly police stations across the State, according to a statement issued by the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) on Tuesday. 

There are 34 police districts in the State and one child-friendly police station will come up in each police district. The novel decision to set up the special units comes as a move to cater to the need for a special conducive environment within police station for children who need assistance for various reasons, the CMO release stated.

These police stations will have special facilities for children. Apart from special logos and signboards, there will be small libraries for children at police stations. 
Beds, chairs and tables will be kept for the convenience of the children and the police stations will also have signboards on the rights of children and do's and don'ts for the police. 

Toys and first-aid kits will also be kept for children. In order to create a friendly environment, walls of the police stations will be painted with beautiful pictures and quotes will be written on them.

The new type of ambiance in the police stations which will be completely different from the common units is expected to help reduce the stress of children going to the police stations.