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Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for September 13-19


This week, you will overcome your competitors and will stay highly competitive to handle any challenge that comes your way. Things will be smooth at the workplace. Working professionals will witness positive results if they continue to focus on the task in hand. Financially, businesspeople can apply for loans for expansion of business. Some lovebirds can face heartbreak due to ego issues. Married persons will have to work hard to ensure their relationship remains smooth. Students appearing for any competitive examination will come out with flying colours. Those of you suffering from health ailments would see an improvement.

Tip of the week: Focus on task in hand


During the week, you are likely to face issues at the personal and professional front. You may end up rubbing your seniors the wrong way which can strain the mutual relationship temporarily. Professionally, you should be careful in dealing with individuals at your workplace and put in constant efforts to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone. On the personal front, there may be some misunderstanding with your spouse and your children might face health concerns. Students can expect to excel in academics. Healthwise, you need to take precautionary measures to guard yourself from viral infection.

Tip of the week: Tread carefully on all fronts


This is a good time to resolve any family issue and to have an open discussion, if necessary. If you are looking to continue your studies after a break, then some good news is likely to come your way. It may not be a good time to engage in any conflict with your loved ones as there are chances of misunderstanding with each other. Therefore, it is advisable to think before you speak. From a career perspective, the working environment may suffer due to low confidence. Those of you looking to buy property or invest should exercise caution as there are chances of fraud. You may also find it difficult to take decisions during this period.

Tip of the week: Think before you speak


This week, you will have a lot of courage which will provide impetus to your professional life. Your communication skills and ability to convince others will help you to create new connections and you will be able to impress others with your talk. For businesspeople, there will be an opportunity to acquire new deals. Financially, those of you willing to invest in real estate should go ahead. Travel will also lead to gains. Students who are pursuing higher education will get favourable results. On the personal front, couples will have a great time together and may go on a short family trip. Your health and mental peace would remain above average.

Tip of the week: Communicate effectively


During this week, there will be sudden gain of money. You may win through speculation and risk-taking ventures. Your communication skills are likely to improve and if you are searching for a job abroad you would get a positive result as you have a fair chance of getting gains from foreign land. It is advised not to indulge yourself in any kind of argument with your seniors and not take any hasty decisions while making investments. On the personal front, this week is average for relationships as some argument and conflict may arise. This is a good time for in-depth learning to expand your knowledge. Be careful of minor accidents.

Tip of the week: Limited speculation will be profitable


During this week, your financial situation can deteriorate, hence you are advised to save as much as possible. Those in business will have to work hard to get an opportunity to earn profitable deals. Those of you in a job will feel frustrated for not receiving long-due incentives. Relations with your spouse will get better and mutual support will be evident. At times, due to being preoccupied with social work, you may keep your family life on the back burner and this is likely to take a toll on your relationships. Keep the communication channels open. On the health front, you may face skin problems like rashes or infections.

Tip of the week: Save for a rainy day


This week, you will get an opportunity to complete long-overdue projects. Professionally, you should be careful with your investment and business partners. This period can further increase your problems and can involve you in conflicts with people around you or close to you. Those of you who were trying to go abroad would now get positive results. Financially, your expenses are likely to rise, but you should not worry as it won't surpass your income. Your travel-related businesses should be avoided as they are not likely to give you desired results. On the personal front, you may find it difficult to balance your professional and personal life which might cause you distress.

Tip of the week: Look for opportunities abroad


This will be a favourable week for you as your social connections will flourish which will help you reap professional gains. You will witness success and fame and will gain wealth through fair means. Those in business will be able to run their businesses efficiently, while professionals will get due appreciation from higher authorities and will feel happy with their future growth prospects. You will have cordial relationships with your family, children and friends. Married persons will also enjoy a blissful time. Your spouse can witness positive career development. Your health would remain good during this period and no health ailments are foreseen.

Tip of the week: Cultivate social connections


During this week, you will get appreciation for your hard work and effort put up by you at your workplace. You are likely to achieve opportunities for growth on the job front and there are also chances of promotion. Financially, you are likely to get favourable results relating to investment and your expenses will also remain in control. Those in business are likely to see a spike in profits. You are likely to spend quality time with your loved ones. You will feel self-motivated and wish to learn more to enhance your skills. On the health front, take extra precaution relating to stomach and lower back.

Tip of the week: Spend time with loved ones


During this week, you need to be careful with respect to whom you trust. Be vigilant as the possibility of fraud is high. It is advised not to share any secrets related to your career as some people may use this information against you. If you are planning for a job change or diversification in business then you should postpone the idea for now. It is advised to stay calm during this period and stabilise your position and not make any changes as it may create problems for you. Avoid any kind of speculation as it would lead to loss. For married persons, there could be lack of mental peace. There would be different opinions among family members and this might lead to arguments.

Tip of the week: Do not share your secrets


During this week, some of you may face challenges in career and personal life. Professionally, people may not get favour from superiors. In this scenario, indulgence in internal politics at the workplace can prove to be detrimental. Some of you are likely to be involved in legal matters. It is advised that you should avoid any short trips for business. Do not take hasty decisions in your career. Financially, you are likely to get sudden gains which will give you happiness. This time is good for starting a new romantic relationship. Your relationship with your family members will improve and you can expect a blissful time during this period.

Tip of the week: Work without expectation


During this week, you may face some difficulties due to opponents which can prove to be mentally exhausting. Professionally, you will progress in your work, but do communicate effectively to avoid any misunderstandings with your superiors. Those in business can look forward to a period of favourable monetary returns as past decisions will start giving results. However, relationship with your spouse can get affected due to ego issues. Try to resolve issues amicably. Students will perform better than expected. On the health front, you may remain under mental stress, therefore it is advised to involve yourself in meditation.

Tip of the week: Be competitive

(Neeraj Dhankher)

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