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The thought of meeting your partner's parents for the first time or relatives can be intimidating. But there are ways to feel more confident, and be at ease to overcome those initial moments of awkwardness. Here is a list of tips you can consider if you want to make a positive impression on your future in-laws.

1. Dress appropriately

In this case, it's not a good idea for you to show off your funky clothes or extra stylish ones because you want them to be able to talk to you without getting distracted! Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. After all, you don’t want to be adjusting your clothes all the time while addressing the all important issue of ‘will-they approve of me’?

2. Take a gift

There's nothing better than a gift. It will make a good impression, whether it’s wine (if they drink that is) cake or cookies. Make sure to ask your partner what he/she thinks the family will enjoy the most, since you don't want to take anything that they may disapprove of.

3. Compliment their house

Make sure you mention how nice their house is, if you like something. You don't have to overdo it, just mention it once or twice and you will be fine.

4. Speak politely

In a first-time meeting, do not be too loud or gregarious. It is definitely not the time to yell or use cuss words - as though they are part of your vocab. Keep it polite with your words and actions.

5. Remember your manners

Do not forget to say "Please and Thank you." Now is the time to put into practice what your parents taught you when you were a child. Good conduct always pays off. 

6. Talk about good things in your partner 

It would be nice to talk about some aspects of your partner that you admire, in front of future in-laws. What parent doesn't like to hear a good word about their child?

7. Be yourself

It is okay to go the extra mile to impress future in-laws, but stay true to yourself. In-laws can smell artificial manners a mile away, so feel free to stay natural.

You will make the best impression if they see you as a genuine person. They need to get to know the real you. So, be yourself and just have fun. Everything else will fall into place.