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Are you an emotional person or an intuitive being or someone who relies only on his mental faculties to arrive at results? Did you know that most human beings possess all three different types of intelligence - mental, emotional and intuitive, and all three can be honed for self-growth? Read on and find out how to do so. 

1. Mental Intelligence

A person who excels at critical thinking is always seeking to be better informed (with real and reliable facts), curious, and questions everything they read and see.

How to develop it: The most effective way to increase your mental intelligence is to take classes, read books, and listen to experts discuss their areas of expertise. Always seek opportunities to become more informed. You can always learn and grow.

2. Intuitive Intelligence

As described by the Human Company consulting agency, intuitive intelligence combines reason with instinct. Despite the fact that you can't know every outcome or how things will unfold in response to your choices, it allows you to make good decisions and choices. When things aren't explicitly explained or can't be explained explicitly, it enables you to understand them.

How to develop it: You need to learn to listen and observe, pay attention to details, and trust your inner voice. Your objective is to follow your intuitions without being distracted by noise, particularly those who discourage you from achieving your goals (much like Jeff Bezos believed in his idea for Amazon when nobody else did).  

3. Emotional Intelligence

There is probably no better type of intelligence than emotional intelligence, as it involves understanding and controlling your own emotions as well as understanding and relating to others more effectively. It is crucial that a leader is able to listen to others well in order to become a leader that others want to follow. Emotional intelligence is also imperative for staying cool in stressful situations.

How to develop it: Meditation, mindfulness exercises, and therapy can help you better understand your emotions and become a more empathic person. You should also pay attention to what others are saying to you and take the time to understand what they mean.

So work on these three types of intelligence and they are sure to benefit you in your life.