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Mayonnaise or mayo has become indispensable to our dishes. But did you know that your favourite food is also the most unhealthy one? When combined with other treats such as sandwiches, momos, french fries, burgers, and even salads, it becomes one of the heaviest and unhealthiest foods.

The creamy, divine, and off-white stuff is pretty fattening as well as calorie-dense. One delicious tablespoon of mayonnaise consists of nothing else but 94 calories and 10 g of fat.

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Consuming flavourful but harmful mayonnaise can result in weight gain, high cholesterol, stomach ulcers, gallbladder stones, and other health challenges, including challenges to heart health. Additionally, it is worse when people are suffering from diarrhea, gastritis, and diabetes. It is considered unhealthy for pregnant women too.

Whereas hung curd, with a similar consistency, includes protein along with much fewer calories and fats. In addition to enhancing gut, bone, and digestive health, curd also lowers blood pressure and regulates cholesterol. Hung curd, possessing twice as much protein and half as many carbs as regular curd, might be your finest ally in the battle against obesity. It does not contain any lactose, so lactose-intolerant individuals can also enjoy this clubbed between their bread.

Here Is How Hung Curd Can Be Prepared At Home:

A muslin cloth, the size of a men’s kerchief is all that is required to make hung curd.

Wrap the thick and creamy curd in muslin and squeeze out the excess water. Now, tie a knot and hang it over support for 3 - 4 hours.

Spice it up or prepare a dessert like shrikhand. Hung curd is a healthier swap for mayonnaise, so you can enjoy the taste with health!