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  • Double dating can be fun if things go as planned.
  • Here are some pros and cons of double dating that you must know beforehand.

Double dating is nothing new. It has been quite prevalent in India since more often couples were introduced via some friends or relatives. However, now it has taken a bit more sophisticated approach which is also quite helpful in developing new relationships. However, as with everything, double dating also has its pros as well as cons.

Pros Of Double Dating

No First Time Nervousness Or Anxiety

You are usually nervous when going on a first date. So in that case, double dating can be a bit of support as you have a company of your choice to fall back upon or communicate with if things do not go as planned.

Meeting Your Date in A Social Setting

Double dating allows you to meet your date in public places which gives you an idea about how they interact and behave socially also they get to know the real you better and decide whether to meet again or not.

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Possibility Of More Connection

You have more things to talk about on a double date as you have more people to discuss things with. During these interactions, the real personality of your date comes to the fore and you can connect with him/her openly and find out more about him/her. Interestingly, the presence of another couple also makes you do comparisons regarding compatibility which gives you a deeper insight into the sort of relationship you may have with the other person.

Cons Of Double Dating

Scheduling Can Be Quite Tricky

Certainly, double dates are fun but it is quite tricky to schedule them as you need to manage the timings of four people including yourself to set up a date. In the case the working hours are different or the other couple lives far off from your place then scheduling a double date can be tricky. More importantly, in the case the other couple cancels the date due to some reason then it can make you more nervous and the date may not go as planned.

Possibility Of Competition

One of the possible drawbacks of double dating can be the competition between the dates to impress their partners which can create an awkward situation. Contrarily if one of the two couples hit off while the other couple is yet to get off to a smooth start then it can be a miserable situation for the latter.