Cassian Baliarsingh

Parents and relatives nagging their children to get married after a certain age is something not just limited to India! The pressure to get married and settle down in life by parents and relatives is something everyone can relate to, especially in Indian households.

Now, a Chinese woman has been hogging the limelight for taking her 38-year-old single son to a psychiatrist for not having a girlfriend. Her complaint – he has not brought a single girl home.

According to a report by South China Morning Post, the woman has been taking his son for a check-up at psychiatric hospital every Lunar New Year since 2020.

The story of the man, surnamed Wang, went viral after he shared his plight on social media. Through a video, Wang says his mother thinks he has ‘something wrong in his head’ as he has never brought a girlfriend home.

He is also famously known as the ‘super old single man’ in his hometown. Frustrated, like every year, his mother took him to a hospital. However, this time, something unexpected happened. The psychiatrist told her that her son was perfectly well, but it was she who had the problem.

The psychiatrist mentioned that she was diagnosed with ‘forcing-son-to-marry disorder’. The hilarious turn of events has become a matter of discussion on social media now.

“I should not be identified as an unmarried person. I’m just very busy and haven’t met the right person. My mum can’t sleep because I don’t get married. So I feel quite upset,” said Wang.

Social media users are able to connect with Wang’s story as there are many youngsters who face the same pressure every day from their own families to get married and settle down as soon as possible.