Sangati Jogwar

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  • Online distractions can affect your efficiency in the office.
  • Here are simple tips that can help you to keep such distractions under control.

Online working is now a part of almost everyone’s work schedule. Just as there are apps and portals you use to accomplish your official work, there are myriad other platforms offering entertainment and information that keep on distracting you while at work. Getting addicted to such platforms is not uncommon but can be detrimental to your career.

Here are a few tips on how you can avoid online distractions and keep your focus directed at work during office hours:

Keep A Track

Just when you start a day at work, keep a track of what has been done yesterday and the work you must complete by end of the day. Find out the distractions that have been delaying you from completing work on time. Once you identify the distractions you will find a way to avoid them and focus on work.

Make A To-Do List

Going through a blog or watching a YouTube video during the break is acceptable. But when you are tempted to use such entertaining platforms in the midst of the work then it becomes a major problem. To avoid that prepare a to-do list and set a timeline for completing the work. Once you have a goal set for accomplishment your mind will be forced to complete the task on priority.

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Work With A 60-90 Minutes Pattern

The human mind has a tendency to waiver after some time. It is because your brain needs a break from monotonous work. So set a 60-90 minute work pattern for yourself and take short breaks in between as rewards so that you can work with renewed vigour to complete the task at hand quicker.

Control Your Distractions

One way or the other you are bound to get affected by distractions. So take charge of these distractions and schedule them in such a way that they do not come in between your work and you still are able to enjoy those few relaxing moments.

Stop Checking Your Personal Email Often

The biggest distraction officials face is the overuse of email. Of course, it is very useful but many times you become the slave of your inbox. Limiting your correspondence or scheduling it to a particular time can be helpful.