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Poonam Singh

Monsoon brings relief from the scorching summer heat but it causes a lot of hair problems. Due to rains, and humidity in the atmosphere, you hair lose its shine and go frizzy and dull during monsoon.

Also some of you may experience hair fall and dandruff problems. So, here are some tips for hair care in monsoon by a beauty expert:


Make sure to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water not only helps your skin but also your tresses. Also, avoid caffeine in your diet as it highly dehydrating.



Watch out for your diet, as you are what you eat. So try to avoid junk and oily food as they affect blood circulation and messes with your hair and skin health. A protein-rich diet is good for hair health.


Avoid Hair Styling

It is best to avoid hair styling like a hairdryer, straightener, curler as your hair is the most vulnerable during this period. Avoid heat as it affects your hair quality and excessive heat can easily break them increasing hair fall.

Hair styling

Avoid Rainwater

During Monsoon, it is inevitable to get drenched in rainwater, so every time you get wet in rain, wash your hair. As the rainwater is acidic in nature, so if the acidic rainwater gets trapped in your hair, they affect your scalps' pH increasing your hair problems.


Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is good for your hair health during monsoon as it improves blood circulation to the hair follicles and the scalp. So, a hot oil massage overnight before the day you wash your hair is just perfect as it acts as a conditioner too.


Sulphate-free shampoo-conditioner

During Monsoon, you need to wash your hair more often. Also, the environment is also more acidic than the other seasons, so use sulphate-free shampoo-conditioner to maintain healthy hair.


Apart from the above, here are some do's and don't you can follow for healthy hair in monsoon:


Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Use a microfiber wrap to dry your hair.

Dilute your shampoo with water before applying on your hair.

Trim your hair regularly, (i.e once a month).

Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Use a hair mask for healthy hair.

You can take omega 3+ and fish oil tablets (but take your doctor's approval before it).


Don't use a hair dryer every time you wash your hair.

Limit your tea intake.

Don't comb your hair while it is wet.

Don't apply conditioner on your scalp.

Don't tie wet hair.

(Krushnapriya Tripathy, Beauty Expert. She can be contacted here )

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