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Life is not rosy when the initial romance between a couple ceases to be. Yet, most couples stay on in a relationship as it’s a comfort zone they do not wish to step out of. However, you don’t have to let things slide to an extent that the relationship strains beyond repair. Here are some signs to recognise when your relations are being tested and your partner is beginning to lose interest in you.

The spark in the relationship starts to fade

It is possible that you are hurting your relationship if you have been silently ignoring a change in your partner's attitude; when a partner starts growing emotionally distant and loses interest in his/her love life, its a sign of trouble.

Discussion on the future

The moment you start talking about your future 'together' they become uncomfortable. They may have discussed marriage and introduced you to their families but now they seem to be dumping their own plans. 

Change in priorities

You two are not spending quality time together. Your partner either prefers to make plans with his/her friends or withdraws from the plans you have made. The frequency of their texts and calls reduces and you feel that they are taking you for granted.

Not concerned about your life situations

They are least interested in knowing whether you reached home safely, who you were with, how everything is in your office or what's happening in your personal life. They aren't concerned with your emotional or mental health and don’t seem interested in telling you about themselves.

​Annoyed all the time

There will always be fights and arguments between a couple, but as long as they are resolved, nothing shakes the foundation of their relationship. Despite your best efforts, your partner seems constantly annoyed. Whether it's your fault or not, they are constantly irritated. Rather than confessing to what is bothering them, they prefer to nitpick.

The person who truly cares for you will try to fix the relationship and get it back on track. In the case of a partner who doesn't care, don't be afraid to walk away from them if they're not willing to put in the effort and time to maintain a supportive, loving relationship.