Anirbaan Hritiq

Grooming is an essential part of the lifestyle and is often taken casually by many men. Accessories can be a great aid in elevating your complete personality, in short, if you want to be a head turner it is highly recommended to consider upgrading your wardrobe with these classy and inexpensive add-ons.

Here are the five accessories that can elevate your style quotient:

1. Chronographs: Watches are the most fundamental accessory that a man can wear to flaunt. But the question lies in what kind of watch a man should wear to add weight to his personality.

Smartwatches are undoubtedly very productive and informative in the day to day to application, but are they worth it? The answerable will be a big no! 

No matter how expensive a smartwatch you wear it still gives your hand that cheap, plastic-like appearance.

In this case, a chronograph comes handy. A shuttle classy-looking chronograph can be a great addition to your wardrobe giving you a winning edge over boyish smartwatches. Men are always expected to look mature and classy, with a hint of agelessness. 

2. A pair of club-masters: Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of the human body, and can aid in the communication process as well. But, what about while being outdoors? Well, apart from UV exposure, eyes are also exposed to multiple other vulnerabilities such as dust, smoke, and pollution. So, it becomes highly essential to protect them from these harmful exposures.

Well, when it comes to protections why not do it in style? A shabby pair of glasses can downgrade your looks, ruining the overall look of your face. Most men make this common mistake of wearing sunglasses which doesn’t go well with their facial features.

In this case, a decent pair of club masters can rescue you from all sorts of judgements, these unique shades of glasses not only go with all types of face shapes but can be also paired with all kinds of attires from formals to casuals.

3. A slick leather wallet: Wallets are something that people take the least care of as it destined for rugged uses, but do you know wallets also add-on a considerable edge to your personality.

Beefy wallets can give a bulging appearance to your pockets, ruining the overall look of your jeans, chinos, or formal pants you wear. In another situation, have ever thought about how it looks when you pull out a funky and bulky wallet in front of others, especially that special one while paying at a restaurant, or a public place? It’s Awkward, right?

Here slick classy leather/faux leather for vegans, can add more elegance to your look, and make you appear more impressive.

4. Tie-pins, and cufflinks: Yes, it’s never outdated. If you are someone who is into the corporate world or loves wearing formals featuring a remarkably stylish tie then you must consider investing on these tiny ornaments which can boost your looks to a whole different next level. Tie-pins not only hold your tie at its desired place but also add a charming elegance to your overall look. A tie-pin may not be extremely ornamental always, it can be simple and non-flashy and made out of cast iron or black metal.

5. Shoe-horn: A very least known accessory in the least but can be extremely productive for those who love pairing a decent pair of shoes with their handsome outfits.

Shoe horns also known as shoespooner, shoe spoon, shoe schlipp is an accessory that aids in the maintenance of shoes. It helps in stretching the back portion of shoes for smooth passage of heels without smashing or deforming them. Especially, it is extremely important for those men who use formal shoes on regular bases and are afraid of wrinkling their expensive leather foot wears.