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The pressure of doing all the things at a wedding according to the correct timeline is difficult and in this timeline, we ignore our skin we can't let go or ignore our skin in this process. 

To Make It Easier These Are The Basic Guidelines Or Routines You Can Follow -

12-Months Care

12 months before your wedding, schedule your first appointment with the dermatologist and ask them for the right skin care plan leading to your wedding day. Tell them your necessity like calming down redness, Reduce shine on the T zone and being specific about what you want. Mention to them the time of the wedding you are getting married. Take a treatment or skin care for all types of seasons like heat or cold, sun exposure and all negative effects.  If you are having a fall wedding avoid laser skin rejuvenation and deep chemical peels and focus on skin tightening and lighter.

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9-Months Care 

At This Time, You Can Start Treatment That Requires:

  1. A Deep Chemical Peel - It starts the skin exfoliation process, cheers up the faster skin cell turnover and helps in blemish-free, smooth and glowing skin.
  2. Microneedling - This can be done with platelet-rich plasma and it works for everyone. The cellular element from blood is used to promote cell growth for an even-toned complexion.

6-Months Care 

Missed out on the above? You still have time to start the treatment of micro-needling with a PRP laser. 12 months of routine treatment may require more downtime and this may surprise your skin. But mostly at this time, you should care for your skin more to maximise the result of dermaplaning and chemical peels. 

3-Months Care

Being so close to the wedding day, focus on daily routines that you have been suggested and already received. Do not try anything extra or new to your routine, stick to your existing routine. This is the ideal timing for your last session of derma planning.

1-Month Care 

Do not try anything with intense extractions and deep peels. Consult your dermatologist for specific tips a week before your big day. 

This is how you can plan your skin care for your wedding. 

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