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It is Santa time! Kids eagerly wait all year for gifts. And parents love to see kids joyfully unwrapping them. However, finding an ideal gift for Gen Z kids is never easy. But don't fret; we've compiled a list of Christmas gifts to help you stay the coolest parent this Christmas.

Audio Storybook Player (4–10 Years)

Kids love listening to stories! This will surely help you with the same: an interactive audio storybook player. It has multiple stories, songs, and educational content. You can even upload your own audio to make your own special story session for them to listen to. It’s totally wireless and screen-free.

Plants As Present (6–14 Years)

Children can exhibit a spectrum of emotions by receiving a plant as a present. Apart from making children responsible and teaching them about protecting the environment, it will also help them grow and nurture plants. Above all, teaching your children how to take care of their plants will allow you to spend more time with them.

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Easy Gardening Set (6–14 Years)

A green gardening set and watering can are excellent for inspiring a young child to cultivate a small garden. You can gift kids an indoor gardening kit that comes with a spade, soil, seeds, and pots with a stand (ideal for setting on a windowsill).

Modelling Clay (6–12 Years)

Playing with clay and moulding it to make toys will not only help them be artistic but also enhance their motor skills. Clay comes in different colours, thereby making the kids learn colours; shapes can be made and children can guess them. The final toy can also be hardened to play with afterwards or be moulded into another toy.

Bicycle (6–16 Years)

A classic bicycle is a perfect gift for cycling, which is one of the best exercises and develops muscles. It is good if kids learn exercises at an early age.

You can consider these gift options for your kids this Christmas; I hope it helps!