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You are all set with that perfect makeup to rave a party but then you find there is something wrong with your outfit... This is something most girls witness.

That's why it is said that every woman should know a few fashion hacks to make life easier. And to lessen your worry, here we have a list of some popular, easy and simple fashion hacks that you will love and save to use later. 

Multiple Styles with a Scarf

In women’s clothing, scarves have a dynamic role. They can be used to protect from the sun's heat or can be adorned as an alternative to a dupatta. But do you know you can also use it as a fashion statement with your outfit? Yes, just give it a twirl around your neck or tie it on your swing bag, it fits all the purpose. You can also check a few hacks from YouTube and pick your favourite one that matches your outfit.

Fix a Loose Pant

Are your favourite pants getting loose lately and even belts are failing to aid you? Well, we have a few tricks that might just save you. Attach a hook from the waistline and you are all set to go. Additionally, for a better result, you can just sew it from a side; it can be tricky though. Another way is to insert a shoelace into the pants waistband. 

Fix a Long T-shirt

There are various ways to fix a long or loose T-shirt. If you are in a hurry, just tie back your T-shirt with a band or anything you can get and pair it with a jacket; you are all ready to step into the world. Another way is to fold the lower part of the shirt and sew it along the seam line to make it fit you with a clean look. Another creative way to fix a loose shirt is to try a few stitches. You can make beautiful designs and add elegant looks to that odd loose shirt.

Have a Hole in your Dress, Stitch it Neatly 

A few easy stitches can save that beautiful dress that was torn accidentally. With just a needle and thread you can create a design of yours, covering the hole in your dress.

Fix a Loose Sunglass with Clear Nail Polish

Sunglasses make a fashion statement for that Insta-worthy perfect look. But if by any chance your sunglasses are getting loose, don’t worry; just apply a few drops of clear nail polish on its hinge to tighten it temporarily.

Remove Odours from your Jeans

Just pack your jeans in a tight plastic bag and put it into the freeze for a night. You will get your jeans as order-free as new as the freezer kills most of the odour-causing bacteria. 

Make your Sweater Pill-free

Over time sweaters, pants, and especially cotton dresses develop pills from wear and tear. If you have an old razor, you can use it to get rid of those annoying little balls and make it as new as before.

By- Supalee Dalai