5 misconceptions about beer culture in Indian society

Vedant Kedia from Mount Everest Brewery debunks common myths surrounding beer in India, highlighting its health benefits, variety, affordability, and cultural significance. The article encourages a more informed appreciation and enjoyment of craft beers.

Addressing beer culture misconception in Indian society

Beer as a social beverage has been enjoyed by millions of people for centuries across cultures. Yet in India, its image is often clouded by misconception steaming from long-rooted social beliefs and traditions terming beer to be evil for health. These myths have been spread from generation to generation, and as a result, many people are missing the opportunities of the multifaceted world of craft beers, not to mention a chance to have a beer with friends.

Vedant Kedia, Chief Growth Officer of Mount Everest Brewery Limited (MEBL) debunks some of the most common misconceptions about beer culture in Indian society, paving the way for a more informed appreciation of beer.