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Cancerians are governed by lunar planet Moon, which brings the natural qualities of being calm and cold at the same time. Meanwhile, being a cardinal sign represented by the crab symbol women bearing this zodiac sign are seamless and extremely composed at the same time. Just like crabs, this travels from shore to shore covering long distances.

The zodiac is one of the three water signs along with Pisces and Scorpio, which makes certain qualities among these signs equal. All water signs bear certain similar qualities for example; being protective is a universal quality with all zodiacs bearing water elements.

Here are 5 Essential Character Traits of Cancer Women:

1. Loyal: Cancerians are extremely loyal and hardly accused of betrayal by people close to them. They are pretty efficient in understanding human emotions and value people who are associated. If you are connected emotionally with any cancer women in any type of relationship, be assured about loyalty, as they are great keepers.

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2. Passionate: Being a water element, Cancerians are naturally passionate. They prefer deriving the best out of any assigned task, or role they play in the real life. Whether it is love or professional life, they like to leave a hint of their excellence in everything they do. Cancer women excel quite well in the field of teaching, healing and arts.

3. Humanitarian: They are extremely humble and down to earth, which makes them blend in easily with other people. Cancerians never hesitate to lend their helping hand to anyone, even if the person in need is their enemy. They are hugely attracted towards social work and are likely to choose hospitality as their career option.

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4. Protective: Women bearing the Cancer sign are extremely protective and can act as a shield for their loved ones. They are true fighters by nature, who love to lead from the front. Whether it is in the case of friendship or family, they always take a stand for their people. This quality also emerges as a primary reason behind their disappointment, because they are usually taken as granted by others.

5. Sensitive: They are extremely sensitive by nature and are often hurt by the slightest of upsetting behaviour by their close people. Cancerians are closely knitted individuals who prefer to stay closely associated with people whom they admire. They are easily disappointed if things go beyond their control.

Celebrities with the Cancer zodiac sign are Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, and Gracy Singh.

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The information mentioned above is taken from the general character traits of women with the Cancer zodiac sign. However, the results may vary from person to person.