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  • Clearing a job interview can be a tough task.
  • These top 10 tips can be extremely helpful in impressing an interviewer.

Interview preparations are highly crucial as they decide the course of your career. Merely browsing the most asked questions in an interview on the web is not always enough to sail through that important job interview. So how do you prepare for it?

Here are the top 10 things that you must keep in mind:

Appropriate dressing

Casual dressing can make an immediate negative impact on the mind of the interviewer as it will give out an impression that you are not serious about this interview. Instead for a job interview, you must be dressed in formal clothing that will give you a professional look.

Make a list of questions

Based on your past experience or the experience shared by your friends in similar professions as well as those available on Google you can make a list of questions and prepare answers for the job interview.

Try to get as much information about the post and company

It is very much important that you know as much as possible about the post you are applying for and about the company so that you are well aware of the exact type of person they are looking for.

Punctuality is the winner always

Excuses for being late and that too on the day of your interview will put you in a bad light. Instead arriving a few minutes early can get you in the good books of the interviewer.

Give importance to non-verbal behaviour

When a company is recruiting employees, it not only is looking at the qualification and experience of the candidate but also scans his behavioural traits and confidence level. That is why you must ensure that your non-verbal behaviour such as keeping direct eye contact with the interviewer, sitting upright in the chair, and showing interest in each question can be the deciding factor during the interview.

Show respect towards the interviewer

More often nowadays, a candidate has to go through multiple rounds of interviews and many times the first few interviewers are young or even less experienced. Even then you must show respect towards each of them if you want to go to the next round.

Be truthful during the interview

Being truthful and honest about your qualification and experience or even skill set can be a good start to making a lasting impression on the mind of the interviewer.

Be energetic

You should be energetic all through the interview and show your eagerness for the job so that the interviewer is compelled to think of you over the others for that particular position.

Keep extra resumes at hand

Keeping a few extra copies of resumes at hand can be helpful as the HR department might need them for its own record as well as to forward another one to the management members during the interview.

Send Thank You letter

As a courtesy always send a thank you letter after the interview irrespective of the fact whether you get selected or not because the HR personnel will always keep this gesture in mind and may contact you for the next immediate opportunity.