Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • A video of a man beating his girlfriend for asking him to marry her has surfaced online.
  • The victim has registered a case against the person who shot this video.

A shocking incident took place in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh in which a man brutally thrashed his 19-year-old girlfriend after the girl asked the man to marry her.

A video of the same has surfaced online which shows the man mercilessly thrashing and kicking the girl. The police report says that the man resides in Dhera village, Mauganj. Both the girl and the man were in a relationship for some time.

The fight took place after the girl asked the man to marry her. The video that has now gone viral on the internet reveals how the girl is asking the man to get married to her and how the man suddenly starts slapping and kicking her in the face.

Incidentally, even before the video surfaced online, the girl had come to the police station and reported the entire incident. However, she refused to lodge a complaint against the man which is quite startling.

After the incident, the police detained the accused but had to release him later on since there was no complaint against him. But now that the video has become viral, the police have got substantial evidence to register a case against him and hence have filed a case under section 323 against the man.

Right now, the culprit is reportedly absconding. Surprisingly, the girl who was thrashed by this man has filed a case against the person who recorded this video instead of registering a complaint against the alleged accused.

The entire incident is quite shocking and more disgusting is the fact that despite all this, the girl is not ready to file a complaint against that man.