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What is better than a nice hot shower after a heavy dinner just before you sleep or taking a bath just after lunch and going for a nap? But is this habit healthy? Or is it just one of those so-called ‘internet mantras’ for good health?

Showering after a delicious meal may sound appealing, but it is not recommended. Bathing immediately after eating disrupts your body's natural digestive timeline. Digestion requires a lot of energy, which requires a lot of blood flow into the stomach. When you eat, your body temperature rises slightly as blood is directed to your digestive organs. However, if you take a hot shower immediately after eating, your blood flow will be diverted. The blood that was intended for digestion begins to flow to other parts of the body, delaying digestion.

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A process known as hyperthermic action occurs when you take a warm bath or shower. In your body, the hyperthermic procedure raises your internal body temperature by one or two degrees. Committing this mistake could lead to discomfort and stomach cramps. Also, if you think you can take a hot bath then you should know that having a hot bath not only increases your body temperature but also your heart rate, which feels uncomfortable on a full stomach. On a full stomach, it can feel quite unpleasant. A meal with dense protein, heavy fiber content, lots of fat, or refined carbohydrates may cause bloating as your body digests, creating a situation that puts pressure on your chest and makes cramps and heartburn more likely. You will also feel very sluggish post your shower. 

Taking a hot shower is a big ‘No’, but one way to be safe is to take a cold or lukewarm shower instead. Taking a cold shower does not raise your core temperature and does not divert blood flow away from your digestive organs. As an added bonus, cold showers may jumpstart your metabolism and help you burn more fat from your recent meal.