• Monday, September 25, 2023
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Coloured contact lenses are not as safe as you think

It's wonderful to change the colour of your eyes from a dull, dependable brown to an eye-catching hazel or emerald hue, but you wouldn't want to permanently harm your eyes

Odishatv Bureau
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Contact lensesPhotoPhoto: Unsplash

Coloured contact lenses are not as safe as you think

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Many individuals purchase contact lenses to enhance their eyes and to look stylish and those who are extra fashion-conscious go for coloured cosmetic lenses Fashion contact lenses are mostly for aesthetic purposes as they do not correct vision, are non-prescription lenses and hence differ from medical lenses meant for correcting eyesight.

Wearing contact lenses has significant hazards, even though they may be more efficient than spectacles. Cosmetic or so-called coloured eye lenses can cause severe damage to our very sensitive and essential sense organ, the eyes, and here are some of them:

  • The paint or dye on coloured lenses can be extremely harmful to the eyes' sensitivity. And wearing lenses that are not recommended can harm your cornea permanently.
  • Wearing coloured lenses increases the chance of eye damage, corneal ulcers, and other eye-related medical issues. They are thicker, less breathable and more rigid than the normal softer, regular contact lenses. Thus the chances of eye disorders are higher. The use of coloured lenses can over time result in irreversible eye damage and perhaps even lead to blindness if neglected.
  • When coloured contact lenses are worn without proper maintenance, keratitis, a corneal infection, can develop. Carelessness can make it worse. Swimming while wearing lenses can result in eye illness. Tap water is harmful too. Viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic diseases can harm the cornea.
  • Sometimes infections caused by scratches from the lenses or nails while wearing them can cause corneal ulcers, which can quickly spread. When a scratch heals, a scar can occasionally form that can impair vision and necessitate a corneal transplant.
  • Sleeping with coloured contact lenses can lead to a decreased or nonexistent supply of oxygen to the eyes. Also, avoid wearing the lenses for longer than 7-8 hours at a time, as the corneas may become inflamed.
  • Even after maintaining ideal cleanliness about the cosmetic eye lenses, there is still a chance of infection. As the lenses are prone to dust particles, rubbing your eyes can result in an infection. 

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid purchasing coloured eye lenses; save your natural and pretty eyes!

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