Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Junk foods, refined sugar, refined flour are very bad for the health of liver.
  • Overconsumption of such food items can cause serious liver diseases.

The liver is considered to be the chemical factory of the body that works around the clock. If you eat and drink right then nothing can disrupt its functioning and it will continue to work in a healthy manner for long years. However, when you overindulge in certain food items or have a habit of binge drinking then you start killing the health of your liver. Here are 5 such foods that can really harm your liver if you eat or drink them in excess.

Refined sugar

A small amount of sugar is always good for health. Importantly, sugar should mostly be consumed in natural forms like fruits and nuts. But when you consume raw and refined sugar or food items that are rich in this type of sugar or have high-fructose corn syrup then it can damage your liver. Sugar syrups that are used in sodas, cookies, and candies build fat around the liver leading to fatty liver diseases.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

A drink or two once in a while is considered good for health. But the daily habit of overdrinking can affect the liver severely. Studies show that when the liver tries to break down the chemical composition of the alcohol when in excess such reactions damage the liver cells causing cell death, fibrosis, and inflammation. Ultimately it results in liver cirrhosis and complications like excess accumulation of fluid in the body, jaundice, and vomiting of blood.

Red meat

Red meat is full of protein and hence is very difficult to digest for the liver. Breaking the proteins in red meat can be heavy for the liver and hence it can lead to build-up and several problems related to the liver.

White flour

You must always avoid eating food items that are prepared using white flour because it lacks all the essential vitamins , fiber, and minerals and is highly processed. Importantly it can raise blood sugar levels very fast. That is why you must avoid eating foods like pizza, pasta, bread, and biscuits made from white flour. Replace these with food products made from whole wheat flour.

Fast food items

Fast foods are very high in saturated fat and hence are difficult to digest. Foods like French fries, burgers, and wafers are bad for the health of the liver and the overall metabolism of the body. Not only do they affect the liver’s functioning but these food items also raise bad cholesterol and can lead to a heart attack.